"An Americana, acoustic, folk, old country

back porch feeling with moments of rock and soul.”



Oklahoma native Raina Cobb's popular acoustic show performs her original material, obscure covers and a few songs popular to the her fans. She quickly gained a considerable following and reputation as a consummate musician in the OKC singer-songwriter scene.


She has a performance that reminds you of sitting on the back porch with her friends, sharing a bottle of wine and putting her heart into each song and making her audience feel right at home.


All I ever wanted to do was play and sing on my back porch with my friends.

 ~Raina Cobb


She takes you on a “Journey” through happy times and sad, with her own creative interpretations of songs, making moments that her audience comes back for time and again.


Raina sang in many popular cover bands in Oklahoma City over the last decade, but over the last 5 years has been performing her own original material live. Raina started performing with friends at a few songwriter showcases. This prompted her to pick up her guitar again after many years and she began writing her own material. She released the EP “Damn Town” April 2014, and recently released her labor of love project “ The Journey” in June 2016, a two year project.


Raina has many musical influences, from Bonnie Raitt to Bonnie Bishop, Reba McEntire to Jamie Lin Wilson, and Guy Clark to Walt Wilkins, just to name a few.


Her popular "Raina Cobb and Friends" show features a rotating line-up of talented singer-songwriters, including Ben Brock, CJ Greco, Rachel Lynch, and more.



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  •   Hide the Crazy
  •   First Kiss
  •   Suitcase
  •   Country Girl
  •   Nothing Lasts Forever
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  •   Artist Name - Song Title



“The album “The Journey” offers a great deal of variety and keeps it interesting…”

~Red Dirt Nation


“Fantastic full length album for Cobb…”

~Red Dirt Nation


“Just opening the door and scratching the surface of what she has to offer this music scene…”  ~Red Dirt Nation


“Raina Cobb travels in packs and consistently gives a professional, sincere, entertaining show. I always look forward to swapping songs…”

~Blake Lankford, Musician, Singer-songwriter


“Some of the best gigs I’ve ever played are with Raina!  She is an amazing songwriter with so much passion for what she does theres no doubt that she will have a lifelong career in music…”

~Ben Brock, Singer-songwriter, Booking Agent


“Raina’s music has an America flavor, that is heartfelt, but with a gutsy edge.”

~Ron Reichel, PaPaRonzi


“As a bar owner that books bands on a weekly basis you get a lot of exposure from one extreme to the other when it comes to a bands booking and performance practices. The crazy sex, drugs, and rock n roll lifestyle that everyone loves about bands is not something you love as a bar owner that is trying to book and promote the band at your venue and can’t confirm or get a hold of said band. Then in comes Raina Cobb. From start to finish she is a class act. Her ‘camp’ handles everything from advertising the performance at our venue to the set up and break down of a very nice stage setup, to the follow up and rebooking process. She never fails to deliver on her promises. Some bands will tell you that they’ll draw a large crowd to your venue, but more often than not fail to do so. Not Raina, people will and do travel to see her- every time. Finally, showtime never disappoints. While still being classy and carrying on a witty and natural banter with the audience, through her music she reintroduces the “sex, drugs, and rock n roll” Stereotype that we all get to live out vicariously through Raina and her music. She goes from bluesy and soulful, so much to the point you can get teary-eyed then the next minute you’re stomping your feet to something fun and naughty. Looking out over the audience, it’s easy to see that Raina takes everyone to their own special place of escape. Isn’t that what all the best music and performers do? Take you on your own individual ride all at the same time as everyone else?”

~Heather Lakin Charlies Sports Bar







K.C. Cobb







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